cArte, Expandend Museum of Paper and Print of Venice is a thematic museum itinerary made up of seven artistic workshops linked to the world of paper and printing in the historic center of Venice: Ca‘ Macana, Carterìa ai Frari, Fallani Venezia, Itaca Art Studio, Plum Plum Creations, Roberto Moro, veneziastampa. Through an installation resulting from the joint work of Ca‘ Foscari and local cultural companies, each shop/stop of the expanded museum hosts a dedicated corner that explains the techniques, materials, machinery, and activities related to each specific craft, and communicates its uniqueness by telling citizens and tourists a part of the history of Venice. A celebration of Venetian paper and printing but also of local craftsmanship which is an authentic model rooted in the local economy, with special attention to materials, the circularity of processes, and social relations.

Ca' Macana

Ca' Macana began making traditional Venetian masks in 1984 when the Venice Carnival was making a comeback after two centuries of decline. Although traditional Venetian masks were important for the social relations and lifestyle of ancient Venice, the tradition of Venetian masks was lost. Over time they specialized in traditional Venetian masks, deepening their true meaning: something unique in the history of mankind, in Venice the masks have come out of the celebration of the festival to become part of the daily life of the citizens. Ca' Macana is committed to the study, creation, sale, and transmission of the history of traditional Venetian masks through workshops and ateliers for the young and old.

Calle Capeller, Dorsoduro 3215
monday/sunday 10am – 6:30pm

Ca Macana

Paper mache mask, Ca’ Macana

Carterìa ai Frari

Carterìa ai Frari was founded by Elisabetta Casaburi, born in Venice in 1966, who is an artisan and master of ceramic art who has cultivated a passion for graphics and literature by following courses and working in the field. She worked for the Rivista Internazionale Contemporanea which dealt with art and where she had the chance to met artists and designers from all over the world.
She worked in graphic studios where she refined her skills and attention to the various types of paper and cardboard. In 2008 she decided to invest what she gained from her previous experiences and founded Carterìa. In her workshop she combines the production of common objects with a passion for paper, folded, printed or tied.

Calle Larga Prima, San Polo 2954
monday/saturday 10am – 1:30pm, 3pm – 6:30pm

Carteria ai Frari

Bookbinding station, Carterìa ai Frari

Fallani Venezia

Fallani Venezia is an artisan laboratory of artistic screen printing, active since 1968 in the heart of the city. It prints high-quality editions, putting its technical expertise and sensitivity at the service of painters, sculptors, photographers, illustrators, street artists, graphic artists, and designers interpreting and translating their different expressive languages into graphics. Gianpaolo Fallani inherited the passion for screen printing from his father Fiorenzo, who has collaborated with over 200 artists from all over the world (including Renato Guttuso, Virgilio Guidi, Gianni Dova, Mario Deluigi, Hans Richter, Salvatore Fiume, Emilio Vedova) and for which has made over 1000 editions. The commissioned printing activity continues, also proposing workshops and residences of various levels, inviting artists to get to know and experience the versatility and potential of this printing technique.

Calle Longa Santa Caterina, Cannaregio 5001/A
monday/saturday 9:30am – 12:30am, 3:30pm – 6:30pm


Carriage for prints, Fallani Venezia

Itaca Art Studio

Itaca Art Studio is the artistic laboratory of Monica Martin, born in Jesolo in 1970. Monica lived in Italy and abroad before moving permanently to Venice, a city she chose to be in daily contact with the water element. She has been drawing since she was little and over time she has become passionate about various artistic techniques which she carries on following her creative phases. She opened Itaca Art Studio in 1999, here she creates watercolors, art graphics (engravings, xylographs, monotypes, linocuts ...) painting, ceramics, art objects and installations. For the works of graphic art she starts from the processing of a matrix, passing through the inking phase up to the printing of the matrix itself, with the press or other means, on the paper support.

Ex Convento SS. Cosma e Damiano, Giudecca 620 - Studio n.8
monday/sunday 10:30am – 7pm (appointment is recommended, please call +39 349 3952052 or email

Itaca Art Studio

Copper plate for engraving, Itaca Art Studio by Monica Martin

Roberto Moro

Roberto Moro has been taking photos since he was 17 and founded his first studio in 2008. He mainly deals with interior photography, events, still life, and entertainment. He graduated in Communication Sciences at the University of Trieste and completed the cycle of exams in Visual and Multimedia Communications at the IUAV in Venice (without defending his thesis), and has a master's degree in Advanced Photography at the IED in Milan. In addition to his activity - Roberto applies his creative talent to devote himself to photography as an art form and to create a series of photos with various themes, on display in various Italian institutions.

Fondamenta San Giacomo, Giudecca 212/C
monday/friday 9am –6pm, saturday 9am – 1pm

Roberto Moro

Venice Lagoon, Roberto Moro

Plum Plum Creations

Plum Plum Creations is the atelier of Arianna Sautariello, a Venetian young woman who has decided to preserve the ancient art of printing in Venice. In her cozy art studio opened in 2016, it is possible to find calcographic engravings, drypoints, linocuts, watercolors, and drawings. Venice is her source of inspiration and her goal is to let everyone know that craftsmanship in Venice is still alive and resists more than ever.

Fondamenta dei Ormesini, Cannaregio 2681
monday/saturday 11am – 2pm, 4pm – 7pm (October/May)
monday/saturday 11am – 2pm, 5pm – 9pm (June/September)

Plum Plum Creations

Paper on the chalcographic press, Plum Plum Creations


Luca Valonta and Michele Costantini, both Venetians, founded veneziastampa® in 1989, taking over a pre-existing printing and graphics company. After an in-depth research and an intense study in Venice for a name for the company, veneziastampa was born. The shop deals with letterpress printing, offset printing and digital printing. Here they still create original works one by one, using phosphor plates and movable type in wood and lead that they patiently compose by hand.

Campo Santa Maria Mater Domini, Santa Croce 2173
monday/saturday 10am – 5pm


Composite, veneziastampa